Gaby Syz

I´m grown up with dogs (my father had sheepdogs for his sheep farming) and I always was fascinated about the capability of the dogs.

In the past I was asked whether I could help as Ring Secretary at Dachshund exhibition. And so I got interested in judging of the Dachshunds. My first own dog, a longhair dachshund bitch, I´ve got by fortuity through a swiss breeder.

Since 10 years I´m judging dachshunds and since 8 years I´m judging the Group 4 in the ring of honor. Since now I´ve been judging national and international Exhibitions in Switzerland and Germany, Club winner show in Germany and France and World Winner Show (WUT) in Amsterdam in 2018.

My husband Dr. Michael Harms is breeding wired hair Dachshunds Standard (von den Königstannen), and I´m breeding long hair dachshunds standard (vonne Daggelküste). Our dogs are used actively for hunting (both of us are hunter) and are well trained for the Teckel assessments. Aditional members of our household are a German shepherd dog, a Dobermann female and a Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

I´m very happy and excited to get the chance to see dachshunds from the Nordic countries.